Monday, April 1, 2013

pretty pillow

Hello, hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mine was crazy busy with lots of visiting, eating and chocolate! Oh my goodness, way too much chocolate!!!

I managed to whip up a little pillow however!  The local fabric/craft store had 40per cent off all fabrics, so I stocked up on my current faves; velvet, silk and rachel ashwell prints!

I used the velvet and some silk dupion to make this;

(i still have my table dressed from easter sunday!! pretty pears!)
obviously, the design was inspired by this lovely rachel ashwell cushion...

I did think of using a red or a pink but really wanted to try the turquoise first.  I got the crown graphic from the Graphics Fairy and used a special art transfer paper.  Its not the normal tshirt transfer stuff... it gives a much better finish, not so glossy and it wont crack and peel.  I can get the name of it if anyone is interested....

Love how everything looks like its floating on the ghost chairs!

I didnt think the transfer would work onto velvet, but it worked a treat in the end.

the pillow i used is slightly too long so it looks overstuffed! will have to get to ikea as they do feather cushion inserts quite cheap and feel great inside velvet pillow covers!
My fabric store has 40per cent off for the rest of today also, so I am going to get some sheeting and more velvet i think!!!
have a fabulous monday everyone!!!
Laura xx


  1. Hi Laura...I really want to learn how to do the transfers. I would love to make some projects that way. Your pillow is just lovely. I love crowns anyway.

  2. Wow-Laura- That turned out great. I love it and I love your ghost chairs, too! Glad you had a nice weekend- xo Diana

  3. Love your blog, I am your newest follower! That pillow is so pretty!!!

  4. Your pillow turned out the aqua!! Is it Transfer Artist Paper (Leslie Riley) that you used? If so it's great to know that it works on velvet too!

  5. Really pretty pillows. I love that color of blue!

  6. okay sister... get a pen so you can take down my address and mail me that pillow LOL . Seriously though word for all of this ... Fabulous !!!! Love, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  7. I would love to know where you got the special transfer paper. The only one I have found so far is like a rubbery plastic coating. Nothing suitable for velvet that's for sure!

  8. Yes i would like to get the name of the transfer paper you used....please! if you could email me that would be awesome and then maybe i can do a velvet pillow or something as beautiful as yours!:) my email is
    Many thanks

  9. Where can we get the name of the transfer paper, since it's not in the comments.

  10. WOW.... Lovely collections of cushions. These are looking great. These looks like Goose Down Cushion Pads and you know what they are amazing. :)

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