Monday, April 15, 2013

exciting things!!

hi everyone!

Yesterday was a great day!

It started out with getting my chandeliers hung!!!

The first one in the lounge room (which is too messy to take pics of; think of ps games, wires, cables, xbox controllers etc!!) 

The electricians came nice and early and didnt take too long!

The same chandelier in the dining room...  I havent yet attached all of the crystals; its going to take a while!

How pretty is the pink RA fabric?  going to make a table runner with it i think; was just testing it out!
Still loving my hanging!!

Then I had a quick trip (actually, nope, it wasnt that quick! always too much to see!) at the flower markets.. Was adoring these totally Lovely David Austen Roses; a bargain at on $35 dollars a bunch (joking!!!) 

but they are soooo lovely!

made a pretty moss covered wreath for customer 

had a little leftover to sprinkle around the house!
Also found these gorgeous rhinestone charms which i wrapped around a candle  with  a little scrap fabric... Glasshouse coconut and lime - my favourite!! smells so good you could eat it!

My poor cat Weetbix... had a bit of a scratch with the naughty cat from up the street!!!
I was doing some more flowers last night and got so excited  as I am sure no one 'normally' would!  at having purchased the best ever bunch of Camelia leaves!!!
When I recieved a message from my lovely husband... he is currently in Turkey working and due to finish on the weekend... He wants me (and has been secretly arranging) to fly to France when his job is finished and meet him there; in Paris!! 
I cannot say how excited i was!  It has always been my dream and it should be next week!  Would looove any tips or ideas of the most gorgeous places to visit/see!
My list so far;  eiffel tower (of course- at night?)
Versaille palace
Moulin Rouge
Latin quarter jazz place (any suggestions?)
Seine river cruise has been recommended by a few people i know
Hotel has been booked but I would have loved George V, dont think that is what was booked but is it possible to visit for afternoon tea?
We are also going to drive out of paris for a few days... I really cannot wait! Oh, and the flea markets!!  hope to be seeing a few of those!!!!
hope you are all having a fabulous day !!!
Laura xxx


  1. Laura

    I love the moss wreath for your customer and the chandeliers are gorgeous!!!! I also still really love your gold crown banner as well!! Could you do one for me as I would frame it! Mostly I am so excited for you to be going to Paris ...... YOU Will have a ball! Do you have an email I can send you info that you might like and might be helpful! Definitely if you can stay at George V it is stunning but you can go and have lunches etc. in the courtyard which is designed in Manuel Canovas fabrics .... breathtaking! They even have little stools to place your handbag on!!! I have so much to tell you .... you must also go to the Orangerie as it is full of Monets! Tea at Fauchon, and definitely Laduree on the Champs Elysses is the one to go too ... upstairs though and book now... the restaurant I love is actually the one from the movie Something's Gotta Give ... it is called Le Grand Colbert and is fabulous!!! They actually filmed the scene of the dinner there as it is one that Diane Keaton frequents when she goes to Paris. There is also a salon de tea called Angelinas on rue de rivoli running alongside the Tuileiries Gardens ... also Cafe Marly near the Louvre ... stunning to sit there with a glass of champagne as the sun goes down over the Louvre. ..... send me your email !!!! So excited for you!!

  2. PS drooling over those David Austen's ..... xx

  3. Oh, my! How exciting! A trip to Paris!

  4. Eeeeeek!! OH MY GOSH, Laura!!! Paris????? I am sooooooo excited for you, sweetie!! You truly deserve a trip like that, my friend. You are always so thoughtful, kind, and caring. And evidently your darling husband is well aware of that. :) I can hardly wait to see your photos of the places you visit and the treasures you'll bring home. And I hope that your hubby will surprise you with that Turkish rug you wanted, too.... :)

    xoxo laurie

    PS What RA fabric is that, btw? Do you know the name?

  5. So pretty ! Find you from Tausha's and learn that you live in Australia ! I'm then happy to be your newest French follower !

    Xoxo from PARIS


  6. Paris! How exciting. Apart from all the major attractions I loved walking the Latin Quarter, so full of life. What about a day trip to Monet's Garden? I didn't make it there but would love to if I ever get there again. Have a fabulous time! x

  7. Love the chandeliers - they are so pretty!