Saturday, April 20, 2013

all booked!

Hi, happy weekend to everyone!

just recieved an email or two from my husband this morning with all our flight and hotel bookings!

Could not be more excited!!!

I had a look at the website of the hotel in Paris and was very pleasantly surprised!  Its not the kind of place i was expecting him to book to be honest!! but in a good way! a GREAT way in fact!!

Its the St James hotel.
have a look!

I excitedly read a little bit of the story behind the hotel, and didnt digest too much but apparently it is built on the site where hot air balloons used to take off from and so there is a little bit of a theme throughout the hotel...  Look at these beautiful cabanas in the gardens!!!

Some of the bedrooms, very tastefully decorated I might add!

So I am leaving next sunday (yippee) and we will probably be gone for 8/9 days.  Half of the time in paris and the other half driving around the countryside!
Thankyou all for your awesome tips!  They have really helped me to plan things, its great to get the opinions of people who have been there before!!!
Hope you are all having a truly wonderful weekend!!
Laura xx


  1. It sounds so exciting. The hotel is beautiful. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Oh- I was away for a few days and missed this exciting news! I am so so happy for your, Laura. You so dearly deserve it. Blessings and safe travel to you- xo Diana

  3. Laura have a wonderful time! We will be thinking of you!!! Take lots of pictures!!!!
    best wishes

  4. This must be incredibly exciting for you! I love the hotel...the rooms are gorgeous! I don't know if my husband would have picked out something so nice, I'm usually in charge of that! lol!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I have to follow your blog now, I can't miss out on this Paris trip!!!


  5. Oooh my gosh, how exciting!... I am French and have never even been to Paris!... when my nieces went there the first time one of them blew all the power out in the hotel when she plugged in her blowdryer... yikes!... different outlets or something... have a wonderful time!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Signing on as your newest follower...

  6. Wow! Laura, this is a holiday of a'll come back brimming with new ideas and a truer idea of French decorating...just wonderful!