Tuesday, November 19, 2013

some new things, pretty bridal cape


finally feeling up to posting.  not many photos though as   I cannot seem to find my memory cards anywhere unfortunately!

I tried to take a couple of photos but my camera can only store a couple on its internal memory..

Anyway, these are from a pretty Bavarian dinner set I found a few days ago in a thrift store!  the first roses from my garden, and some lilacs about to bloom!

I have been meaning to change the wallpaper forever, just havent had time... really want mouldings applied to the walls.

I have been repainting the whole house though, which is a massive job... even the skirtings and cornices, all the doors and frames! 

And this is a little bridal cape I made.  I stitched the chiffon and tule and applied all the flowers... babies breath, aldomedra, and geraldton wax with an pretty anemone in the center...

Have been doing a lot of flowers, and its almost the end of semester which is portfolio time!  I have a lot of work to do and considering I cant find my memory cards I am going to struggle!

Havent felt like blogging a lot lately as I lost a dear friend.  I wont go into details but it was a horrible, unexpected accident and everyone who knew him and the family were just devastated.

I m sorry once again that I have been a bad blogger!  Hopefully my memory cards will turn up and i can take some pics of everything I have been meaning to lately!!

                                                              lots of love   Laura xxxx