Thursday, July 25, 2013

shabby vignettes on a rainy day!

Hello, friday again; my favourite time of the week!

Made some very lovely finds over the week and enjoying a drizzly, wet day at home, creating little vignettes....

I have been able to pick up lots of pretty little china bowls and dishes... ill definently keep collecting, but its not easy!  

I found the pretty candleabra in a pretty home store the other day.. not old, but has a lovely patina!

My peonies smell amazing! they were discounted and as its cooler right now; they are lasting a lot longer than they do in december!

I purchased this gorgeous little drawer this morning.. I spied it on a vintage homewares page and it finally came up for sale yesterday. I was so worried i would miss it as i had college, but I was first to comment sold.. so it was mine!  a total steal at only fifty five dollars!!!

Love the carved legs with the touches of gold!

You can see from my pics that it is a very dark day! lots of wind and wild wet weather!!!  I must go in a sec to take my son to the dr as he is getting a bit of a chest infection.  hope he doesnt spread it to me, mums need to be healthy and i have had my fair share of being sick this year!

Although I have to dash, I will come back to my blog when i get home; I have decided to make a couple of little changes.  Although i had started my business and registered it etc.  I have been so busy that I havent been able to devote a lot of time to it.  But a friend has asked me to join her business which I am excited about...
She has a really great business mind and a lot of enthusiasm... We are going to make great partners!

So... I was also rethinking my blog...  The vision I had when I started blogging again, has perhaps changed... I have thought of a new name for my blog... Its inspired by my beautiful angel, my son in heaven, Sam...  I think i will need to keep the same url, and i may have changed the header by the time you are here...
Must go!
Have a fabulous weekend to everyone!
Laura xxxx

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Friday, July 19, 2013

faux boiserie (and giveaway winner)

So glad its the weekend!
Even though we are still in school holiday mode here, the weekends always seem so much easier and casual!

This is a faux boiserie that I purchased with some of my birthday money!.. really adore it.

I have always had a 'thing' for french boiseries... I saw some amazing, real ones in antique stores in France... but too big to bring back in a suitcase!

I am still enjoying my stock that i bought last week; it is going a long way!

been dyeing some bits and pieces; a very old crotcheted piece that I came accross years ago for a couple of dollars.  Havent decided yet what i will do with it. It is very fragile...

I found lots of pretty china this week; here are just a couple of the dishes... the rest are in the dishwasher!

And a little lustreware vase I found.. so pretty...

Sam's balloon is still flying high!! 

This was the bday cake I made for him..  I actually got the flags and ribbon free a couple of months ago in a magazine.   The cake mould was only five dollars from kmart.  I mixed brown and white sugar to look like sand!

Cheeky Maisy is getting bigger! and my other cat , Weetbix, is getting used to her now.. slowly!

And onto my little giveaway!!! I know I am incredibly late with this!!!  I have had my aunt and uncle over from the UK and its been so crazy busy!!

Thankyou to everyone who entered, but the winner turned out to be;
from Vintage and Art blog!!!
congratulations Bron!!
one pretty union jack throw will be winging its way to you!!!

Have a fabulous, happy weekend everyone!!!

laura xxxxx

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Friday, July 12, 2013

some thrifty finds and friday flowers


happy Friday!
Have not been around blog land much at all this week, I feel bad that I haven't been doing too much visiting.. but I intend to this afternoon!
I took a few pictures of some pressies my husband brought back for me from England!
Beautiful ruffly bed linen, I love it; its from the RA collection at the house of
has lovely soft ruffles all the way round!

And he also bought me the RA candle; the one with the pretty glass; smells of lillies! yummy!

Here is a pretty linen table cloth I found on my hunts this morning!. (and another union jack cushion I made.  I used the treasures fabric but turned the blue paisley inside out to get a faded look)

A pretty needlework...

I think this colour of roses is probably my favourite; love how they get paler; almost white at the outside edge!

Hubby also brought me back the lovely crown mugs; on for me, one for him; (red one is in the dishwasher I think)

                     I love them but my only complaint is that they are so wide, the water cools so fast;

This little vase was another find; I just love the colour.

I made a little drink cover from lace and some little glass and wooden beads for weight on the corners..  Really it is for bottles when you are outdoors so that flies and bugs cant get into the top! 

Seb made some jelly smoothie cups yesterday; just about to try one!  not too sure; but he loved them and so did his little friend.  They didn't seem to mind that they were pink and in loveheart jelly moulds!

I had a picture also to show you of the bday cake I made for my son Sam... but I am using my husbands computer and the image is on my laptop which my son is using! don't you looove school holidays!!!?!
Hope that everyone is well.  I will draw the winner of the Union jack Throw tomorrow; good luck to those who entered!
thanks for visiting! xxx
Laura xx
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

projects and a Union jack throw - Giveaway!!

Hello everyone,

thankyou for your well wishes last week, finally I am feeling so much better!!  Its so nice to have a bit of energy back and be able to do... things!   two weeks pretty much on the sofa was not great~! My mind was still active although my body didnt want to co-operate!  and I had to do a few crafty projects to stop myself going insane!  There is only so much day time tv one can stand!

I started making all sorts of little bags out of burlap, sprayed them silver and edged them... with linen and some Treasures fabric..

I love them with flowers but they could have so many uses...

Then I made a little stars and stripes cushion.  It looks nice and faded and soft.   Actually its nicer than the pictures show..  happy independence day to all my friends in the US!

The background is pinker  in reality.  All the different fabrics have been dyed someway using rit dye...
Did a lot of dyeing this week too.  I had this tablecloth/runner and napkin set for a while. Its original colour was a sort of buttery beige... I used a mix of petal pink and denim blue (the tiniest amount).

I really love the final colour. I had no idea how it would end up! but thats part of the fun.  

Naughty Maisy jumped up onto the table!! a big no no!

Some lavender bags  ~ also made with RA treasures fabric!

Another awesome tablecloth;  below... a thrift store find; such beautiful embroidery and appliques

And finally!! I made another union jack throw..I thought I might give this one away!!! (i dont really need two the same! - although I was a lot more careful when making this throw!)

Its made with cotton.. and measures 45 x 70 inches  The floral fabric (except for the grey and red) are also from the RA treasures range.

Let me know if you would like to be in the giveaway; in the comments box... and follow me with 'bloglovin'  (as I dont know if google followers is still valid)  If you would like to share the giveaway i will put in an extra entry for you - so double your chances! 

I will draw the winner on July 13th.. seeing as its my birthday! so just over a week!!! 
good luck!

Have a wonderful day everyone.  Thankyou for taking the time to visit !
Laura xxx

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