Wednesday, June 26, 2013

gold chest makeover; bdays and flowers

morning !

hope its been a great week for you all.  Despite being a bit ill (i have shingles! yuck!!) I managed to do a little shopping and found a cute little chest of drawers which I picked up (as an early day
 present to myself!!) and used a gold paint rub to change it to gold from the original teak stain
 .  It kind of reminded me of a little florentine table I have seen in a Rachel aswell pic/book... I may do a little more painting on top of it, some florentine type pattern....

shape looks a bit strange here, but its really cute!

Made another star but with wire rather than willow.; just wanted to see how it would look..

Was so excited when my little german sentiment cups arrived!! ; forget me not, remember me and love the giver! looove them!

lined a little box with some more RA treasures fabric..

my stock; still going strong after a week!

Sunday was my sons birthday.  Sam is no longer with us as some of you know.  He would have been turning thirteen; we always remember him on his bday with helium balloons and cake!

We still miss him dearly; always will... 

Here he was clowning around... he always made us laugh..

just added a little pic of some flowers I did for a client; first holy communion celebration... they look so spring like; although its winter right now! the tulips giv it that look and the fresh colours.

Have a wonderful week everyone!! best wishes to you all,
Laura xx

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Friday, June 21, 2013

a busy week

hi everyone,

finally its friday! i have been looking forward to this weekend after having so many assessments and a portfolio to hand in!!  Had to go to the flower market this morning for a weekend job but had a chance to relax this afternoon!

I made a little star today from some leftover willow from an arrangement..

And i made a union jack throw to hang ...  love it!!!

One of my favourite childhood memories was sitting in the garden making daisy chains...  

heres a pic of a pretty outfit i bought for a friends little girl!  I love shopping for little girls; as I only have boys, its a real treat for me!

I did a little vintage shopping last weekend; I found this pretty painting! just a print actually! but I love it!

Also this piece... I had to dye the shade from a terrible mustard colour... using rit petal pink.. it changed to a salmon colour...

Looks so pretty now!  

While i was picking up the sconce, I spotted this little florentine tray out the corner of my eye! sooo pretty!

unbelievably, I walked into a thrift store a few hours later and found another green and gold one!  for only $3.50.. couldnt believe my luck!

This was a textured heart wreath I made for an assessment yesterday... was so complex with around 20 different techniques  ... so pretty! and I passed my assessment thankfully!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thankyou so much for visiting and for your lovely, lovely comments!


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Thursday, June 13, 2013

pretty little treasures


just sharing a few little vignettes today...  pretty little treasueres and little things that make me happy!

                                                 So pleased that roses are available year round!

One of my little lustreware cups arrived from the states!  Still waiting on a few more; so in love with this one tho!  

another silk banner!!!   pretty union jack!  

And the forget me not; both using RA treasures fabrics... I thought the union jack one would look sweet in a little girls room...  I dont have a little girl but in anyone would be interested in buying it from me, or the one below, just pm me...

so much prettier in real life..

love these little italian lozenges! and pretty packaging!

recieved a beautiful card this morning from a lovely friend in America!  Thankyou so much Laurie

so perfect! and pink and blue silks; my favourite!!! Love them !!! thankyou xxx

And I recieved these beautiful little bonnets a few weeks ago from a very lovely, and clever friend; 
Carol from  they are so soft and scrummy, cant wait for my friends little baby to be born... making up a little gift basket!

Got a few fabrics dyed during the week, and started dyeing plain calico bags... love the crumpled, rinsed look of them!

have a wonderful week everyone!!!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

new silk bedroom curtains

Hi everyone,
 i took a few photos of my room this afternoon even though the light is never very good!
I got some new silk blend curtains made which i totally love... they are really heavy and perfect for the winter!

They are the most perfect off pink, dusky colour...

heavily lined with natural wooden curtain poles.....

I have been planning to paint my bedroom white for the longest time but i want to put mouldings up first... we will get there soon i hope.!

I had hoped  to change the carpet ages ago... but lately, i am trying to go with Rachel ashwells  'live with it' theory... for a while... I have had the carpet for a long time and i have to admit... it is so practical... my husband isnt keen on anything other than carpet for the bedroom, so carpet it has to be!

on the wall here is one of the sconces I found at the flea market in Paris.  I have two of them...

made a couple of dream catchers in the week..

Ive been looking for a new bed also, had this one for such a long time.  time for a change i think..

This is our new little kitten Maisie.  She is just adorable!!! the photo isnt so great cause it took it on my phone a few days ago, and she kept wriggling around!  She is so tiny that here; she is actually inside my husbands slipper!   love her lots!  my other cat  Weetbix, isnt so keen on her though!
have a wonderful weekend!
Laura xx
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