Thursday, June 13, 2013

pretty little treasures


just sharing a few little vignettes today...  pretty little treasueres and little things that make me happy!

                                                 So pleased that roses are available year round!

One of my little lustreware cups arrived from the states!  Still waiting on a few more; so in love with this one tho!  

another silk banner!!!   pretty union jack!  

And the forget me not; both using RA treasures fabrics... I thought the union jack one would look sweet in a little girls room...  I dont have a little girl but in anyone would be interested in buying it from me, or the one below, just pm me...

so much prettier in real life..

love these little italian lozenges! and pretty packaging!

recieved a beautiful card this morning from a lovely friend in America!  Thankyou so much Laurie

so perfect! and pink and blue silks; my favourite!!! Love them !!! thankyou xxx

And I recieved these beautiful little bonnets a few weeks ago from a very lovely, and clever friend; 
Carol from  they are so soft and scrummy, cant wait for my friends little baby to be born... making up a little gift basket!

Got a few fabrics dyed during the week, and started dyeing plain calico bags... love the crumpled, rinsed look of them!

have a wonderful week everyone!!!

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  1. All of your items are absolutely beautiful, Laura. I think the Union Jack is perfect for a little girl's room. Blessings- xo Diana

  2. Hi not expecting to see those little beanies displayed here..haha! Your banners are so beautiful I can just imagine the soft silk catching the breeze and making a little flutter!

  3. Hi Laura... oooh, everything is so soft and dreamy... love the Union Jack... and your roses are stunning... also love your handbag in the background!... and such beautiful gifts you received... Laurie is such a sweetheart!... wishing you a blissful weekend, xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Laura, you are so talented! I love visiting here and seeing what shabby chic crafts you've been working on. :) They always turn out so beautifully! ♥ I need to ask you what fabric is the blue/white flowered one? It's so sweet! Love and hugs to you, my friend!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Hi Laura, so, so happy you stopped by for a visit, it's so hard to get around to everyone and time gets by and then we miss out on friends who blog such beauty. I am so taken with the soft beauty of shabby chic ness over here and love the bucket of roses and banner flag with Union Jack on it.

    Thank you again for gracing your beauty sharing with all of us, and taking the time to visit and comment me with such beauty.



  6. Your style is beautiful, Laura, dreamy and romantic... Thank you very much for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere. I will definitely come back for more shabby chic inspirations!

  7. Hi Laura,

    Such pretty vignettes! I just adore your roses and all the prettiness you have created.

  8. Hi there, I was excited to see that you commented on my blog. I am for sure going to add you to my sidebar. I love your style. I cant wait to sift through more of your blog.. I am going to share you with my readers real soon. I love your union jack big and small.

  9. Oh I love all your beautiful creations you have been doing Laura and your photos of them! So dreamy and EVERYTHING I ADORE! Love your blog!!!

  10. I am WOWED !!! such stunning beauty.I loved each photo of pink.I love this post.I am going back though this post.
    Thank you for sharing. I love roses so much.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  11. Everything is pretty and feminine in your room Laura - love it all!!
    Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday this week... I really appreciate it.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  12. What a yummy post! So gorgeous and summery. Great photo grouping, too!