Friday, June 21, 2013

a busy week

hi everyone,

finally its friday! i have been looking forward to this weekend after having so many assessments and a portfolio to hand in!!  Had to go to the flower market this morning for a weekend job but had a chance to relax this afternoon!

I made a little star today from some leftover willow from an arrangement..

And i made a union jack throw to hang ...  love it!!!

One of my favourite childhood memories was sitting in the garden making daisy chains...  

heres a pic of a pretty outfit i bought for a friends little girl!  I love shopping for little girls; as I only have boys, its a real treat for me!

I did a little vintage shopping last weekend; I found this pretty painting! just a print actually! but I love it!

Also this piece... I had to dye the shade from a terrible mustard colour... using rit petal pink.. it changed to a salmon colour...

Looks so pretty now!  

While i was picking up the sconce, I spotted this little florentine tray out the corner of my eye! sooo pretty!

unbelievably, I walked into a thrift store a few hours later and found another green and gold one!  for only $3.50.. couldnt believe my luck!

This was a textured heart wreath I made for an assessment yesterday... was so complex with around 20 different techniques  ... so pretty! and I passed my assessment thankfully!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thankyou so much for visiting and for your lovely, lovely comments!


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  1. So much pretty! Happy weekend :)

  2. Fabulous heart wreath! Really nice photos! Enjoy your week-end!

  3. Oh I love your home, Laura! Your willow star in the lacy window is just beautiful! And your Union Jack is awesome! I still envy your gift of sewing. :) I'm green with envy over that gorgeous wall sconce you found. I'll be looking for one like that at the flea market next weekend. :) Congrats on you passing your assessment! That piece looks beautiful! Have a wonderful week, my sweet friend. ♥


  4. Hi's so good that you passed the assessment..the heart is so pretty they would have no reason not to though! I love the way you've put together so many bits of pretty around the room..very sweet outfit too. Have a lovely week!

  5. Every time I see the interior of your home Laura, I get a warm and beautiful feeling. I love everything I see in your photos. You have such a beautiful style. I love the star and the heart you made. SO perfect for your home. That little girl's outfit is TOO CUTE! Your friend will love it.
    Thank you for your beautiful comment you left for me, it meant so much.
    hugs from here...

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