Monday, August 12, 2013

just relaxing

good morning!!

I have lately been posting on friday/sat. but didnt manage this weekend! and yesterday was kind of busy too!

I m spending a lovely relaxing day at home today thank heavens!

Winter is almost over! yay!! one second its raining really hard, the next blue skies and sunshine!

this is the view out from my alfresco area; to the bush behind our garden.

We did have a very high , green hedge up to the top of the fence, but my husband chopped it all down to replace it with rosemary.  They have a long way to go!!!
Cant wait for summer then we can get the pool cover off and enjoy the water!

Reading some wedding books for inspiration; we have a wedding to do this weekend.. ! so excited!

I bought a new outdoor rug; it is woven with pale blue leather and some faded silvery leather too.  doesnt show up too well in the pics...

some fabrics to cover my coathangers.... and pretty wildflowers...

I bought a new slipcover for my sofa the other day... the light is always so awful in my sitting room!!!

It was a taupe colour, but i washed it with rit denim blue... just very light.. more of a grey/stone colour now.

hope everyone is well and having a great, happy week!

Laura xxxx

Friday, August 2, 2013



have you all had a lovely week? Mine was wonderful, some lovely visits with auntie and uncle from england.. Lots of eating out! and a little bit of sunshine!

a little star I made from lace and wire...

just noticed that I have unconsciously bringing little angels into my home, in different ways...

Perhaps thinking of my angel ..  not that I am ever not thinking of him!... 

The new name for my blog is mostly to do with Sam...  I see him sometimes in my dreams!  dreams that I don`t want to ever end!    To be close to him and hold him...    he is only a dream away...   Not in the way i would prefer! but its the closest I can get for the time being!

I do believe that we will one day be reunited..

Arent these Canterbury bells just so pretty!  I havent bought them before but its nice to get something a bit different!

Started making rosettes, planning to do some more this afternoon.  Currently moving my son's bedroom around at his request!  I knew it would turn into a big job and tried to delay as long as possible!  so we are in the middle of going through all the toys. ugh!  not fun!! but has to be done every once in a while!

have a lovely weekend and thankyou for visiting and for your beautiful comments!
Laura xx