Friday, June 7, 2013

new silk bedroom curtains

Hi everyone,
 i took a few photos of my room this afternoon even though the light is never very good!
I got some new silk blend curtains made which i totally love... they are really heavy and perfect for the winter!

They are the most perfect off pink, dusky colour...

heavily lined with natural wooden curtain poles.....

I have been planning to paint my bedroom white for the longest time but i want to put mouldings up first... we will get there soon i hope.!

I had hoped  to change the carpet ages ago... but lately, i am trying to go with Rachel ashwells  'live with it' theory... for a while... I have had the carpet for a long time and i have to admit... it is so practical... my husband isnt keen on anything other than carpet for the bedroom, so carpet it has to be!

on the wall here is one of the sconces I found at the flea market in Paris.  I have two of them...

made a couple of dream catchers in the week..

Ive been looking for a new bed also, had this one for such a long time.  time for a change i think..

This is our new little kitten Maisie.  She is just adorable!!! the photo isnt so great cause it took it on my phone a few days ago, and she kept wriggling around!  She is so tiny that here; she is actually inside my husbands slipper!   love her lots!  my other cat  Weetbix, isnt so keen on her though!
have a wonderful weekend!
Laura xx
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  1. Laura, Your bedroom looks beautiful and I LOVE those soft pink drapes. They are GORGEOUS and very rich looking. My hubby likes carpet in the bedroom too..otherwise I would have wood.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  2. Your kitty is just beautiful! She looks right at home in your gorgeous bedroom. I love your Rachel Ashwell philosophy... and you never know... carpet may be the next trend in a few years! It sure is comfy in a bedroom!


  3. Laura ... your bedroom looks gorgeous and I so love your "Endurance" crown emblem! Do you sell them? Your new little kitten is so cute and adorable! I hope you have a lovely long weekend.
    best wishes

  4. Your bedroom is so pretty--I love it. My husband also thinks you have to have carpet in the bedroom. I guess he puts up with a lot of girly stuff I can put up with that :) Your kitten is so sweet--I am such a cat lover and I love white too so I adore that kitten. When I was a teen I had one that looked just like her named Marshmellow. Have fun with her!

  5. Oh Laura! Your bedroom is absolutely dreamy! I am totally in love with your new curtains. You're right....they ARE the most perfect shade of dusty pink! They add so much warmth and coziness to the room. LOVE them!!! And Maisie is just about as cute as they come! Love her name, too. lol (My dog's name is Maizie.) Have a wonderful evening, sweetie!!! Hugs to you!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Such pretty curtains in your lovely bedroom Laura. Love your sweet kitty too. Thank you for linking at Shabbilicious Friday.

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