Friday, July 12, 2013

some thrifty finds and friday flowers


happy Friday!
Have not been around blog land much at all this week, I feel bad that I haven't been doing too much visiting.. but I intend to this afternoon!
I took a few pictures of some pressies my husband brought back for me from England!
Beautiful ruffly bed linen, I love it; its from the RA collection at the house of
has lovely soft ruffles all the way round!

And he also bought me the RA candle; the one with the pretty glass; smells of lillies! yummy!

Here is a pretty linen table cloth I found on my hunts this morning!. (and another union jack cushion I made.  I used the treasures fabric but turned the blue paisley inside out to get a faded look)

A pretty needlework...

I think this colour of roses is probably my favourite; love how they get paler; almost white at the outside edge!

Hubby also brought me back the lovely crown mugs; on for me, one for him; (red one is in the dishwasher I think)

                     I love them but my only complaint is that they are so wide, the water cools so fast;

This little vase was another find; I just love the colour.

I made a little drink cover from lace and some little glass and wooden beads for weight on the corners..  Really it is for bottles when you are outdoors so that flies and bugs cant get into the top! 

Seb made some jelly smoothie cups yesterday; just about to try one!  not too sure; but he loved them and so did his little friend.  They didn't seem to mind that they were pink and in loveheart jelly moulds!

I had a picture also to show you of the bday cake I made for my son Sam... but I am using my husbands computer and the image is on my laptop which my son is using! don't you looove school holidays!!!?!
Hope that everyone is well.  I will draw the winner of the Union jack Throw tomorrow; good luck to those who entered!
thanks for visiting! xxx
Laura xx
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  1. You are fast becoming the WA Queen of Shabby Chic. Doing a great job. Very pretty. Hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as I am.Cheerio. Fiona

  2. What a gorgeous blog you've created! I've just signed on as a follower and look forward to seeing more. Beautiful photos.

  3. Hi Laura...pleased to see that my following you now too! I'm glad the beanies are about to go to their 'forever' home. I love your new mugs and think you're very clever making the lace covers for your drinks..a great idea. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Sounds like your hubby loves to do little things for you- special gifts and all. Happy Birthday to your Sam, too. Gorgeous pictures, Laura. You do a nice job with staging and photos! xo Diana

  5. Laura these images are just gorgeous and I love your crown mug! Where did you get it from? Guess where I am? We finally got away on our holiday and am in France! You do everything so beautifully! Have a lovely weekend!
    best wishes

  6. Hi there! I couldn't sleep so thought I would jump on and wish you a Happy Birthday! Your latest post inspires me!! I can't wait to hear all about your day!

  7. What a lovely husband and beautiful bed linen! x

  8. Your husband sounds like a keeper! I too love the color of that vase :)

  9. Your hubby is an awesome shopper Laura, love the new coffee mugs and the cushion you made is so lovely.

  10. All is big beauty-the pillow,embrodiery,flowers,blue vase!!!!You is amzing my friend!!!!