Sunday, April 7, 2013

friends are like flowers....

Hi all,

have not been near my laptop for a few days, the end of the week is always kinda busy here!  And with my husband away, and our family desktop broken, my computer is always being used by the kids!

Anyway, thought i would show you a few things i have been making.. some for friends, and some home projects too!

The pretty pillow is for a dear lady! Laurie from heavens walk.. i am sure you all know her well!!!
It didnt fit in my insert too well, but i thought i would show her a pic before i send it off...
What do you think of the colour Laurie?   its too difficult to tell; trying shots in different light, but the one below that i havent adjusted the brightness is closer to the Actual shade!!!
I have been playing around with fabric dyes over the weekend... this pillow cover was originally a cream fabric that i washed in a very light petal pink...

The throw is for a friend who just had a little baby girl; I actually bought the coral fleece, its really, really soft and gorgeous!
I made another also using some RA fabrics; the pale blue stripe... in the background...

Friends are like flowers in the garden of life! so true!!! adore the plate!

I am fortunate to have some wonderful, special friends all accross the globe! so grateful!

Searching for inspiration.... and enjoying the play of light in my bedroom on the fabrics and ruffles!

Definently going to try and grow some sweetpeas.  We can purchase some at the wholesaler market, but V. expensive for a teeeeny tiny bunch!

Some more RA fabrics and a crown i rubbed onto cotton with orange oil... didnt turn out too well! but looks pretty in the light here!
My weekend project!  I got this for half price ... painted a silvery colour... so far have only gotten the undercoat on!

Love the mouldings and crystal knobs! going to store napkins, tablecloths in here...
Are you all enjoying a great weekend? 
Taking my youngest off to a bday party now! Strange time! but never mind!
Lots of love!
Laura xxx


  1. Everything is so pretty. Love the pillows! What a great chest to put your linens in. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day.

  2. Laurie is going to love that pillow, Laura. She loves ruffled goodness and the soft pinks and blues. It will look great in her place. Your photos are gorgeous as ever and I hope you have a wonderful upcoming week with your kids. When is the hubby coming home or is he away at work for an extended period this time? xo Diana

  3. Oh my gosh, Laura! I can't believe how beautifully that pillow turned out!!!! Wow! It looks exactly like an RA original, girl! :) And the color is so very pretty! I am overwhelmed at your kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity, my sweet friend. Totally overwhelmed! You have left me pretty much speechless today and feeling very blessed by your friendship. ♥ Thank you so very very much! Sending you big hugs and love!!!! ♥♥♥

    xoxo laurie

  4. The cushion is impossibly pretty. Love the colour x

  5. Laura ... I love all of these but especially love the crown! You should frame it! Beautiful work
    have a great week
    best wishes always

  6. Hello Laura...Diana directed me to your blog. I love your projects, especially the pretty pillow you made. The color is beautiful! You are very talented.
    Have a great week!!

  7. Laura,
    What a gorgeous pillow, and I love your work. That crown surely is beautiful and that color pink is so lovely.