Wednesday, April 10, 2013

flowers, china and pretty things

Hello , happy wednesday!!!

just sharing some flowers before they are spent! I only bought this stock yesterday but doesnt like our heat here unfortunately!!

 I have so many flowers around the home right now,  a lot i have put away to keep cool for college tomorrow..
This is a little wall hanging I made earlier... I showed the crown in a previous post that i had made with a print and orange oil transfer.. Lovely Frances from
suggested that I perhaps frame it!... not sure what type of frame would suit best, i improvised!
Just using some fabric I dyed on the weekend and some dowelling, a little silk and some ballet shoe ribbon!
Put out some of my grannys china..

  and trying to perk up the pretty dahlias which were also bought yesterday but looked terrible when i woke up and found them this morning...
a colder climate suits flowers so much more.. which is a pity!! I would so loooove lilacs, camelias, and peonys.  We can get them at certain times of the year but they will only last a day on average!

We get stock in many colours, but the lilac is my favourite!

Have not had time to sand and finish the chest! a crazy week its been with my little cat Weetbix being ill, my son seb having a chest infection and my brother breaking his arm.. lots of doctor and vet visits, and a whole lot of driving around!!!
Perhaps on the weekend I might get to finish it! 
I have been inspired to make some more wall hangings for some friends/babies!
I was extremely honoured the other day to have my crown pillow feature on
The Graphics Fairy !!  - Brag Monday!!!
I was so very surprised!!! Karen is so very generous.. she must put in so much time and effort to share so much !!
if you want to have a look, just click;here
For those who wanted to know, i used Lesley Riley TAP Artist Transfer Paper!
What a very lovely lady!!
Have to go and do some flower prep now and start on the dinner!
thankyou for stopping by!
xlaura xx


  1. Such a beautiful wall hanging and I adore the way you have displayed your beautiful blooms!

    Thanks for stopping by my place. Made me happy to find you! :)

  2. All so VERY pretty! Thank you for popping by my blog to say hi - I'm following yours now.

  3. Hi Laura, Your flowers are so pretty. My magnolia tree is in bloom right now and not going to last. They are predicting a freeze, but at least it looked pretty for a couple of days. Our weather is so crazy going to the 70's to the 20's or at least they are saying we are going to go down to 26. The dahlia's are beautiful. I just admire everyone's else flowers as I don't have a green thumb. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  4. Thank you Laura for stopping over and leaving me a comment that joys.

    Love the wall flag and of course the crown is perfect. The tea cupped with florals is so inviting of a tea party and charming to create around adding the right kind of rightness to ones home.
    Love the new name and header, sometimes it takes a small change to inspire your world, I sometimes wish I'd of picked a different name something with more meaning, but being one with a life of natural fibers and things of luxe it just worked.

    See you soon and your new found passion in your name.
    So happy you came by.

    Keep inspiring all that You are.


  5. Hi Laura, I love stocks too especially the fragrance which is quite unusual. Love that you are back. Its great to hear how you are doing and all your lovely creations. Fiona xx

  6. Hey Laura! I bought some white stock last week, and it still smells sooo good - though it's wilting a little now. Will definitely be buying more this week. :) I love your sweet, spring-filled vignettes with your gramma's china beneath your pretty banner. How did you transfer that gold crown onto it? Sooooo glad that you're back to blogging, sweetie! I'm glad that we reconnected again! ♥

    xoox laurie

  7. Good morning Laura!

    I see you came by the other day and did not have a chance to come to meet you! Thank you so much for your comment; you made a comment about the Great Gatsby and Leo? I am not sure what you mean by that!

    Anyway, I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! Oh my, what a gentle and pretty world you have created! Happy Friday! Anita

  8. Laura
    the stock is so pretty.
    Your vignette with your G'Mother's teacups
    and the flowers are lovely.
    My brother has a huge Dahlia flower garden.
    There are so.....many varieties.

  9. Hello and thank your for visiting my blog :)
    I am now a follower of yours and so love the wall hanging you have made and would like to make one for myself. What kind of material did you put the crown on? Do you have a tutorial?
    So love your blog and I will be back to visit
    Suzann ~xoxo~