Thursday, September 5, 2013


hello,  finally spring has arrived...
we have still had a lot of rain, but summer will be here before we know it!

I dyed this duvet cover a very light denim blue... perhaps too light, will hav to giv it another quick dip...

Have lots of roses at the moment!  

And stock... was the last miserable bunch of pink left in the market...

and my sister in law gave me this bunch of roses... so pretty!  

I covered an old box to look a bit prettier... really want to do some more!   I also covered a note pad.. but seem to have misplaced it!!

Really love the Creme de menthe rose.. has a pretty vintage look

Have been finding more china...  this little set is from england... although a lot of the writing has worn off

time to get washing!!

Have had many assignments and flower jobs lately... so havent been blogging much or visiting anyone... please accept my apologies... i feel so bad.. Right now i am going to the school to watch my son at sport carnival!  then hoping to spend a lovely afternoon in blogland!!!

lots of love everyone!!
laura xxx


  1. I love roses--and anything with roses on them! Your post is beautiful :)

  2. Hi dear Laura,
    love how you dyed your fabrics-great job!!!I dyed my fabrics too-on soft pink,lavender and blue :-)All your roses is sooo beautiful and your sister in law is sweet!!!
    Love your home ♥
    Have a nice day's!!!Hugs!

  3. ok why have I only just found your blog?....just lovely.
    Bec x

  4. I think the pale, pale blue is pretty as is. Your flowers and photographs are as gorgeous as always. Happy Spring to you-we are moving into Fall here- xo Diana

  5. Your house is soooo pretty, Laura! Love how you put your shabby chic vignettes together. ♥ Our days here lately have been cool and sunny and just perfect! Not looking forward to a cold, dreary winter again. So I'll take each perfect day as it comes and treasure it! Have a beautiful springy weekend, girlie!

    xoxo laurie

  6. just beautuful! i can smell the roses from here.
    don't feel bad.

  7. Loved looking at all your pretty faded colours and sweet blooms and had a chuckle all at the same time....hope you enjoyed your afternoon at the school sports. Also love the mauve print on the box you covered.

  8. You have such a beautiful blog! I LOVE roses and pink color...great photos!
    XoXo Ana

  9. Merhabalar,
    Bayıldım.....Bloğunuzu çok beğendim ve izlemeye aldım. Bana da bekliyorum. Güzel paylaşımlarda buluşmak dileğiyle. Sevgilerimi bıraktımmmm…..:))

  10. I just love visiting here Laura. You have such beautiful taste and your home is everything I love! I know I keep saying that, but I do!!! I love your beautiful new china too!
    many hugs...

  11. Your pink roses are dreamy. It's so funny when you say it's Spring there, as we are entering Autumn here, which is my favorite season. I really like your china from England, it's so pretty.


  12. Just so pretty vignettes ! I was sure I left you a comment last time I came to visit you ! Mystery of Internet !
    Always surprising to thing that you are in spring as, here in France it's just fall !!