Monday, October 7, 2013

been a while!!


wow, I cant believe how long its been since I last posted!!   Have been doing so much!!!

I started a new job... then left! it didnt turn out as expected!  Had some issues with my son at school and some other family problems!  as well as assessments! : )  

got some great stock the other day from the flower market.  And some pretty feather roses!

Ranunculus are in season; Love them! they are so sweet and have an innocence about them.

My new Prairie couture book came!!!  Its one of my favourites!  

Will make sure i post a bit more ...  have lots to share!

hope you are all well; will be visiting you all as soon as I can!
Laura xxxx


  1. Hi Laura, love all your pretty blooms especially the feather ones...l've also featured Rachel's new book this's gorgeous isn't it. Sorry your new job didn't work out, but l agree if we're going to spend lots of our time somewhere it needs to be right for us and our families. Hope you have a great week:-)

  2. Beautiful flowers such pretty ones. Sorry your job didn't work out, but it's better to move on than stay in a job you don't like. Your pictures are so pretty.
    Have a great week.

  3. Hi Laura,
    beautiful photos my dear,love your flowers and the silver vases and you have new RA book-happy woman-enjoy!!!!!! And wish you more happinnes for your boy at school...My son goes to 4 classes,he will be 10 years in January-now we have a lot of trouble with him and learning ...
    Have a nice day!!!

  4. I think that is her best book yet! Absolutely love it!

  5. Everyone is talking about Rachel's new book--makes me want to get it! Beautiful photos in your post :)

  6. We've missed you, sweetie!! Glad to see you back in bloglandia! :) You found some feather roses??? Wow! Really love them! I'l bet that you're spending hours and hours turning the pages of that book, aren't you? It's fabulous, isn't it? lol Love and hugs to you, my friend! xoxo laurie

  7. Hi Laura ! Hope you'll find a new job which will give you what your expect. It always take a long time to take pics for a new post ! Sometimes I wonder why I opened a blog about decoration, because I don't know and I don't really like to take pictures. How much I love to decorate, how much I don't like to use my camera (which is a basic model !) I love your pictures so much. I've got the new Rachel's book since the begining of September, but I think I prefer "shabby chic inspirations"...

    xoxo from PARIS


  8. Hi Laura,
    I found yout blog today...I think it's amazing.Your flowers are perfect shabby.Love your home.Have a x
    nice day Vladka

  9. I just love coming here and seeing these lovely photos of your home and the things you love to surround yourself with Laura. Your stock is so pretty and I too love that book!
    hugs from here....

  10. What a lovely blog. This is my first visit here. Very inspiring! I have been hearing such wonderful things about the book I think I will ask for one for Christmas.