Thursday, July 25, 2013

shabby vignettes on a rainy day!

Hello, friday again; my favourite time of the week!

Made some very lovely finds over the week and enjoying a drizzly, wet day at home, creating little vignettes....

I have been able to pick up lots of pretty little china bowls and dishes... ill definently keep collecting, but its not easy!  

I found the pretty candleabra in a pretty home store the other day.. not old, but has a lovely patina!

My peonies smell amazing! they were discounted and as its cooler right now; they are lasting a lot longer than they do in december!

I purchased this gorgeous little drawer this morning.. I spied it on a vintage homewares page and it finally came up for sale yesterday. I was so worried i would miss it as i had college, but I was first to comment sold.. so it was mine!  a total steal at only fifty five dollars!!!

Love the carved legs with the touches of gold!

You can see from my pics that it is a very dark day! lots of wind and wild wet weather!!!  I must go in a sec to take my son to the dr as he is getting a bit of a chest infection.  hope he doesnt spread it to me, mums need to be healthy and i have had my fair share of being sick this year!

Although I have to dash, I will come back to my blog when i get home; I have decided to make a couple of little changes.  Although i had started my business and registered it etc.  I have been so busy that I havent been able to devote a lot of time to it.  But a friend has asked me to join her business which I am excited about...
She has a really great business mind and a lot of enthusiasm... We are going to make great partners!

So... I was also rethinking my blog...  The vision I had when I started blogging again, has perhaps changed... I have thought of a new name for my blog... Its inspired by my beautiful angel, my son in heaven, Sam...  I think i will need to keep the same url, and i may have changed the header by the time you are here...
Must go!
Have a fabulous weekend to everyone!
Laura xxxx

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  1. Good luck with your business ventures. Your pictures are lovely. I am jealous of your rain--it has been so sunny and hot here for so long I am quite tired of it. Your blog name is sweet--I love it!

  2. Can't wait to see your new header and the tribute to your angel, Sam. Your pictures look great and you found some wonderful pieces there! xo Diana

  3. Hi Laura, Love your post today! Hope you enjoy your day! Your blog inspires me!

  4. Gorgeous photos! and wow...weren't you lucky to find that fabulous set of drawers!

  5. How exciting for you, Laura! Can hardly wait to hear more about the new adventure you're stepping out on. :) I just adore that candelabra you bought. Vintage or not --- it's fabulous!!! Oh, and I love the new name and header of your blog. Absolutely perfect! ♥!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Hi Laura, it has béen very long in between a visit to you.
    Thank you for sharing your vintage in a vignette to love.
    Is it not the best day to create when it is grey and sky's filled with rain? I so wish we had more rain her, I am looking so forward to grayer's so inspiring to create in the rain.

    Looking forward to your new journey, will be visiting you soon.


  7. Laura, Thank you for visiting my blog. I loved your collection of rose all works together. Your flowers are wonderful. Touching about your little Angel.Blessings. xoxo,Susie

  8. what a lovely blog... I must add you to my list


  9. Hi Laura,thank you for beautiful coment i n my blog-I look on your blog and I say :WOW-amazing blog-LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥

  10. Such a wonderful post with some great finds. I love them all. The candelabra
    is so gorgeous with the blue candles. The china is so lovely.
    I've had a French provincial Chest just like the one you found. This was my Mother's favorite type of furniture. So we had a lot of it...LOL.
    I think your blog very lovely. I like it just lit it is now...although sometimes you need a change for oneself.
    May God Bless,
    Marie Antoinette

  11. Laura,
    I like your new blog design. It's very soft and romantic. It's nice to change things around now and then. What a beautiful idea inspired by your son.


  12. Your tablescape with the new candelabra is so pretty and love all your peonies. Also the chest of drawers was such a bargain. l hope your son is feeling better, it's horrible when children are sick....Also the very best of luck for your new business venture it all sounds very exciting.

  13. You have lovely blog, dear Laura! I really love your style. I wish you everything good to your bussiness! xoxo Michaella