Friday, May 17, 2013

pretty autumn days...

Hi everyone,

wow, had a lot of problems loading pics here today... i spent an hour earlier then lost them all when i tried refreshing the page!

heres hoping for some better luck this time!

been tidying up my alfresco and prettying things up.  as i was away for a week and a half, the house was full of boys and i can sense the lack of femininity!!!

Here on the wicker chair i put a few pillows that i bought in france.  Not vintage, but new and fresh and clean!


I sent some postcards to my sons ; they only arrived yesterday!

I found this pretty telegram at the flea market.  I dont think it is an original, but its sweet!

i had some roses left over from college this week; so pretty and sweet smelling!
Loved these tiny flavoured bon bons i bought at Printemps in Paris!
trying to dye my carnations blue/lilac, but its taking so long!!!

I bought myself and my mum and sister in law a great shopping tote; the large black one) from Laduree.  They are so useful.  .... I havent taken a pic; too dark inside!
also pictured a really beautiful silk scarf I bought at the Brocant market in Paris...
Macaron selection!... I had the marie antoinette, the rose, chocolate, and a couple of others!! so delicious!
I bought this little Limoges trinket box at a different Brocante marche...  there are a lot around and a lot look very similar.. however, i was attracted to this one as I could tell it was ULtra old!
developing a deep love for all things old and beautiful.......
They seem so much more valuable to me that something new, even if its designer...  its just not the same!
What a busy week; had a crazy few days finishing a huge assignment that I was meant to do during the holidays (but i couldnt as I wasnt there!)  so nice today to sit back and relax a bit!
have a wonderful weekend everyone!
(PS, if you would like a copy of the Telegram - pictured above, I can copy it and send it to you! email me your address if so!)
Laura xx
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  1. Everything is so pretty but I adore the scarf x

  2. Your home is so beautiful Laura! And so is your blog. Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comment.

  3. I absolutely love those fresh white French cushions and I'm amazed at the number of treasures you had time to find when you were over there!

  4. Hi Laura! You are so talented with finding beautiful treasures and creating beautiful vignettes with them. Your house is sooo pretty! You must have had such a fun time shopping in Paris! :) I love the fresh white against the dark wicker. Perfection! Thank you for offering to send a copy of that charming telegraph. I'd love a copy! (

    Love and hugs to you, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Hi Laura,
    Hope you don't mind telling me all the places to go when I go next. Each time you can only scratch the surface so having others tips would make it so much quicker. Loving all your news. Have a lovely Sunday!

  6. Hello Laura,
    you also have a lovely post.The glasses are so pretty.I love the colors.and the gorgeous flowers.i just love your blog.I can't even imagine going to France.So I am so happy you got to go.
    Its been a pleasure,
    marie Antionette

  7. I also live in a household full of boys so I know the feeling. I think your attempts at prettying up and "feminising" were very successful! x Sharon

  8. The Limoges trinket box is absolutely lovely! Your pretty vignettes show off your Paris treasures just beautifully! I kn ow your time there must have just flown by!


  9. It all looks so lovely Laura and how amazing to go shopping in Paris. Thank you for sharing this post on Shabbilicious Friday. I'll be sharing this at tomorrow's party, so make sure you pop over and get a Featured button.

  10. Hello! I'm catalane and your blog is beautefull! Do not speak inglish!