Saturday, May 11, 2013

brocante shopping in paris!

                                                   Happy mothers day everyone!!

I realise it may not yet be mothers day in some parts of the world but I hope you all have a great weekend...   I have been so jetlagged the past few days and cant get into a normal sleeping pattern!

I wanted to take lots of pics of my brocante purchases from Paris but just have nt gotten around to it!  The times  I have had the energy its been too dark!  Anyway, I took a few snaps this evening just as the sun was about to disappear!

I did have  a few little Laduree macarons, but of course, they are all gone now!  pretty boxes though! I love their packaging!  I  Love the little florentine tray.  It came from a flea market I went to on a very chilly morning in Paris and was so awesome!  Seriously, the best flea market ever!! It was full of treasures..  so many gorgeous pieces of furniture, masses and masses of  dinnerware and porcelain; loads of Limoges !  If only I could have shipped a whole container load~~ !!! I know many of you with a passion for brocante and vintage beauty would have been in heaven!!

I did buy a couple of  pretty vintage sconces, some silk scarves, a little limoges  trinket box, a little telegram print,  but dont have pictures of as yet...

I was very pleased with this little perfume bottle; I really liked the colours and the pattern and when i got back to the hotel i looked up the marking on the back...

to my pleasant surprise i found that it was made by a company called Sevres who used to make  porcelain for the French Royalty.!  I have yet to decipher the details but will continue to research!! The top has a bit of a crack, but it really didnt bother me!
I made another cute little florentine find;  It seems to be very old and not in the best condition but I love the cracks and chips!
And a few snaps from a pretty little flower shop we found in Reims on my last day!  A pretty all white display out the front!

Love the rustic boxes and buckets! peonies and large headed roses with such a sweet scent!!
Have a very happy mothers day !!!
xxxx laura xxxx


  1. Brocante shopping is heaven! It's a very long time since I have been to one but they are so much fun.
    I love your finds, very pretty x

  2. You found some wonderful items. The photos are beautiful!

  3. Paris flea markets sound like dream right now. So jealous of your finds.

  4. tres bien mon amie. merci beaucoup

  5. Thanks for your visit! I was so interested to read about your trip to Paris. I am going with my husband later in the year - can't wait! I would love to know the name of the flea market you mentioned. Sounds right up my alley. Lovely blog - looking forward to following. X Sharon

  6. What beautiful treasures, Laura! I can't even remotely imagine what it must'ave been like in Paris for you! :) I've heard that the flea markets are nothing like here in the States and that the flower shops are to die for! :) Can hardly wait for more pics of your trip, sweetie!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. What lovely photos Laura. I wish I could go to some Paris flea markets one day... I can only imagine the treasures I would uncover there :) Your tray is lovely x

  8. Hi laura, it is so beautifully inspiring over here. Your finds are treasured brocante.

    Thank you for sharing your beauty and inspiring it so well. Thank you for taking the time to visit my place and what I inspire.
    Will see you soon.



  9. I hope you had a lovely Mother's DAy. It looks like you got some gorgeous things in paris. I hope you are over the jetlag.