Friday, August 2, 2013



have you all had a lovely week? Mine was wonderful, some lovely visits with auntie and uncle from england.. Lots of eating out! and a little bit of sunshine!

a little star I made from lace and wire...

just noticed that I have unconsciously bringing little angels into my home, in different ways...

Perhaps thinking of my angel ..  not that I am ever not thinking of him!... 

The new name for my blog is mostly to do with Sam...  I see him sometimes in my dreams!  dreams that I don`t want to ever end!    To be close to him and hold him...    he is only a dream away...   Not in the way i would prefer! but its the closest I can get for the time being!

I do believe that we will one day be reunited..

Arent these Canterbury bells just so pretty!  I havent bought them before but its nice to get something a bit different!

Started making rosettes, planning to do some more this afternoon.  Currently moving my son's bedroom around at his request!  I knew it would turn into a big job and tried to delay as long as possible!  so we are in the middle of going through all the toys. ugh!  not fun!! but has to be done every once in a while!

have a lovely weekend and thankyou for visiting and for your beautiful comments!
Laura xx


  1. Hi Laura!!!
    Beautiful post-love your lace star-lovely idea dear!!!!And your banner is amazing-love it too!!!
    Have a nice weekend ♥

  2. Such a beautiful post and sweet thoughts for your angel Sam, l think it's wonderful you've shared some of your memories of him here on your blog.

  3. Love your new name...and understand fully about Sam being only a dream away. I have those drams, too. I love that star, Laura, and I bet you could sell a ton of them if you wanted. Have fun cleaning out Toy Jungle! xo Diana

  4. Lovely post... Having lost my parents in the span of seven weeks, I am always blessed to have a dream of them.. It is wonderful to hear their voices so clearly in my dreams. Oh how I miss them. Your work is amazing. I would love to get my hands on a union jack?

  5. What a blessing it must be to stay connected to your little man through sweet dreams, Laura. What a peaceful comfort. ♥ Your darling little lace star looks like it just fell from heaven. :) I pray that you are having a beautiful weekend, girlie. Hugs to you!

    xoxo laurie

  6. I love photos from your lovely life Laura. I love that you have many angels about you too. Angel motifs mean a lot to me too. Beautiful, beautiful photos!!!!
    hugs from here...

  7. A lovely lace star! What a beautiful place to remember your dreams...and I love the way you have renamed your blog and remember him by it.

  8. Oh Laura, I can't really express my thoughts because of language barrier, my English is not as fluent as I would like. I'm so so touched by your post about Sam and your courage... As long as you'll think and dream of your little son he will never die. As you say your unconscious is behind our actions... If an other baby play with the beloved toys of your baby, his soul will still be there.
    I love so much your vignettes and the little star is so cute...
    If you allow me to pray for your...
    Love from PARIS