Friday, March 22, 2013


Hello, happy friday!

Made a gorgeous arrangement yesterday with lilac roses and a creamy gerbera with a few aubergine accents.

My ghost chairs finally arrived the other day! I LOOOVE them!!!

They arent Philipe Starke, just replica.  The originals are around four times more expensive.

Wednesday was my sons 16th birthday; so we still have a few balloons around which is fine! I love balloons! 
I took him for a driving 'lesson' this afternoon, which lasted all of around ten minutes! Im afraid my heart could not take any more!!!!  And that was in an automatic car!  The interesting thing for me was that he thought he knew how to drive before hand... he got a bit of a shock today!!!
Heres a little snippet of a tile I was thinking of using for my kitchen splashback.  Its such a shame that you cant really see how lovely it is in a photo.  Its made of glass and has a sort of pearlised effect throughout ... just doesnt show well on camera unfortunately!
I may not be using a whole lot of them though as  they cost around $500 a square metre... I would need a couple; so maybe I will just go for plain old subway!!!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
Laura xx


  1. Laura- I love that tile but it is pretty pricey! Happy Birthday to your to believe he is old enough to start driving, isn't it?
    Your print size is great and easy to read----like the updated look of your blog. xo Diana

  2. Hello Laura
    Welcome back!!!! So wonderful to see your beautiful new blog! I love it! The flower arrangement is gorgeous and I love Phillipe Starck ghost chairs as well .... also love that pearlized tile for your kitchen..... have a lovely weekend and so good to have you back!
    best wishes

  3. Hi! The 'ghost chairs' are fabulous. They look amazing but do you feel a bit weird sitting in them, they don't look very strong? I love the way they add space to the look of the room as they are 'invisible'!

  4. Diana was right. Love your blog. Now following.