Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pretty, pretty Paris! and my first days - alone! yikes!!!

Hello long lost friends!!

well, tonight is my final night in paris and i fly out early tomorrow, so very settled in at the hotel next to the airport.

Having a lovely glass of champagne and hooked up to the internet checking final flight details, and although i cannot wait to see my beautiful boys again, i feel sad that my french getaway has come to an end all so quickly!!

I cannot even begin to round up my trip in one post.. I think we must have taken over a thousand photos and stayed in Paris,  and two other little french villages; one in the burgundy region and the other in the champagne region! 

My first couple of days in Paris were spent alone!!!! quelle horreur!! as my husbands work dragged on longer than planned!

I felt like a lost lamb but  managed to 'fumble' my way around spending way too much money on taxis and walking for many, many miles!!

I took some pics in the first days; here are some of my favourites things!

It is springtime here in Paris, but I guess its just the very beginning! many of the trees and bushes were coming alive with blossom, pinks and lilacs, pretty tulips and camelias all around.. in the parks the gravel was dotted with petals like confetti and the afternoons were warmer...
My favourite shop without a doubt was Laduree... This one pictured is from the Printemps store (massive, beautiful department store)

Such a beautiful pink macaron display... carved marble tables, delicately boxed champagne and sugared almonds!
There were two outlets in this mall, by the time I made it to the second, I had large shopping bags and wasnt able to properly look at the gorgeous candles (below) but I did decipher that the rose candle scent was just heaven!!! if i get a chance, i may be able to get one at the airport tomorrow but not sure if there will be any...?
the rows and rows of macarons!  how gorgeous!  but I think what I loved more were the pretty pastel ribbons and boxes!!

Another amazing display! imagine the wonderful job Head Merchandiser of Laduree has?!  and apparently no photos were allowed but I had already taken many by the time i heard the Salesperson tell someone else! He kept insisting that it wasnt his rule, so i got the impression he didnt agree and only told customers on the odd occasion!  I got that feeling all around Paris to be honest! Photos were not allowed in many places!

On my second day, I accidentally stumbled upon the pretty flower market outside of the Madeleine Cathedral.  How pretty to see all the flowers outdoors in the cool and the amazingly large roses! if only ours were so huge!!

The peonies in bud, always my favourite! displayed outside instead of deep in the freezing fridges as they are in Australia!

The prices were pretty comparable I have to say; for most things.  However, I think that Australian florists have higher overheads (air con, wages, rent produce etc) and being a florist in France could be way more financially viable!  I love flowers though and wouldnt give it up now for all the tea in China!
fell totally in love with this dress and the lacy headpiece! so amazing!!

Another pretty window in Printemps I should not have been taking pics of!!! whoops!!

My third day in Paris was a public holiday; May day.  I am not sure of the reasoning but everyone was giving, selling, buying these pretty little bunches of lilly of the valley...  I was given this by the garcon at breakfast in the hotel!!! I love lilly of the valley! so delicate! and the smell is divine! once again, very rare to come by in australia!

Every time I ordered room service, I had a pretty bunch of freesias on my tray; like the pink ones above!  The hotel was amazing and treated me like a princess!  My husband and I got an upgrade to the penthouse which was totally amazing!!! it was a three storey gatehouse seperate from the rest of the hotel... I was nervous about that to start with until I saw the place~~!  It was amazing!

This is a pic from our lounge room on the first floor! we had three floors of luxury; but i will have to tell you that in another post!!!! (you can just see my husband in the mirror; he is always getting in the way!)
Have so, so , so much more to write!!! our visits to the landmarks, brocanting!my treasures and finds!! the pretty villages.. etc etc!
Sorry that I have not been around to visit you all; i do mean to catch up really soon!
bonsoir mes amis!!!
Laura xxx


  1. Ok you are making me so jealous. This looks like the trip of a lifetime. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Oh wow Laura, your trip sounds amazing and I am quite envious. I can't wait to see more photos and hear more about your travels. Hope your trip home is good. xx

  3. Your accommodation looks pretty special! And the shopping and flowers look amazing, I'm sure the trip feels too short x

  4. Oh, my! Oh, my! What an amazing time you have had!

  5. I am so loving these posts on France and the gorgeous things you have seen. Sounds like an absolutely amazing trip. Cant wait for more!!Fiona

  6. What a great post...you truly captured the essence and excitement of your trip...I can't wait to hear more. And your suite...to. die. for.


  7. Oh Laura! I can just hear the excitement and awe in your "voice" as you write this. :) The French truly know all about beauty, don't they? Such exquisite vignettes --- and those flowers!!!! Those flowers!!!! Just gorgeous! I hope that you made it back home again safely, and am really looking forward to seeing more pics and hearing more stories about your Paris adventure, sweetie! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  8. Oh Laura! I wish we had hours to converse about all of this heavenliness but of course all I have is a short comment! Such prettiness and gorgeousness in every picture! If I was you I think I'd now be revisiting Paris in the Spring and all those gorgeous Audrey Hepburn movies to capture the magic again...or drooling over your own sweet photos.

  9. Oh wow Laura, you lucky thing!! A penthouse! In Paris!! Please share more photos xx